LifeGroups: Doing Life Together

Our LifeGroups inspire transparency, promote spiritual growth and emotional healing, and cultivate relationships among group members.


  • In our LifeGroups, we’ll share both joys and sorrows. The LifeGroups are marked by supportive friendships and commitments to help meet each others’ needs.

  • In our LifeGroups, you’ll experience the joy of being loved and being received openly by people who want the very best for you.  These relationships will motivate, support, and assist you in accomplishing what God has planned for you. 

  • Our LifeGroups are Bible studies geared toward providing you with answers to your questions and are designed to help you grow spiritually.

Winter LifeGroups Coming 2021


LifeGroups are open to HLWBC members, regular attendees, visitors, and the community at large. We maintain an “open chair policy” where everyone is welcome.  


Different LifeGroups are offered in the winter, spring, and fall.  The curriculum is listed on this page (upper right-hand corner) and in our monthly bulletin during the study. 


We offer LifeGroups for adults (singles and married), teens, and children.  Child care is available for children 3 and under.


The curriculum are age appropriate and designed to not only help us learn about the life of Christ, but to apply His teachings/God’s Word to our daily lives.